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How does a session look like?

In the following, I will explain the typical course of a Health-Kinesiology session.

  • opening posture for a kinesiology session is: "What helps people best at the moment to become permanently healthier, more vital and more harmonious?
  • Kinesiology is based on the assumption that "body intelligence" knows exactly what helps and does good for the body, soul, and spirit.
  • PraxisAfter an initial conversation, the body is first brought into an energy balance.
  • In a dialogue with the client's body (muscle test), we find out on which topic and in which order we are allowed to work. Stress factors and so-called blockades are iden
    tified and dissolved with the help of energy correction procedures.
  • If the energy system is saturated, the muscle test also indicates this and the session can be ended. At the end of each session, it is tested whether it would be useful to carry out additional exercises at home to integrate the energy corrections.