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Signs of burnout

Is your child suffering from burnout?

If your child feels stressed-out, exhausted and just overwhelmed with school and his or her daily life, it is time to take a step back and think about the possible causes, to analyse the situation - and to start looking for an solution. 

First of all: You are not alone!

Actually, burn out is more common than you might think. Only in Europe, there over 25% of all people (and students!) are experiencing the same symptoms of burnout or depression; The latter is often the consequence of originating the first. Furthermore, over 50% of all cases remain untreated because of a lack of detection and diagnosis.
Recognizing and acting accordingly is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. 

With the checklist below you'll get the chance to reflect and evaluate if your child is on the way to develop a burn out or if he or she is already displaying some symptoms of burn out or depression. 

  1. Persistent fatigue and exhaustion 
    When your child is feeling overwhelmed and constantly tired by school and his or her daily tasks and is constantly tired, even after having breaks or naps. Displaying a obvious lack of energy. 
  2. Declining performance 
    Your child's grades are going down, he or she displays a lack of concentration and fugitive errors happen on a regular basis. As a consequence, your child may develop fears of going to school in the mornings and his or her emotional resilience continuously decreases. 
  3. Disengagement 
    Your child is becoming more and more intimidated and start not only to give up their hobbies but also to neglect their family and friends.

  4. Inner emptiness & loss of meaning 
    Your child seems to lose or having lost the joy of everyday life, have less or no fun anymore and becomes more and more indifferent and dissatisfied. Aggressive or disturbing behavior can also be part of this symptom. 

In case you detect some or all of those symptoms in your child's behavior, do not freak out. There are many possible causes and tailored solutions for each child, pupil, and student. 


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Reasons for zoom fatigue 

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