Kinesiology - The concept

Applied Kinesiology is based on a holistic view of the human being - based on findings from brain research, pedagogy, stress management and the energy model of the Chinese element teachings.


Also learn about zoom fatigue.


BrainGym®- Learn with ease and fun

Learning is a process that accompanies us throughout our lives. Through movement and coordination exercises you can increase your learning potential and thus learn more easily and more effectively with fun.


Systemic-kinesiological family constellations

Recurring problems in our relationships - professional as well as private - which seem to elude our influence, reduce our life energy, limit our possibilities for action and can ultimately lead to serious illnesses.
Through systemic kinesiological constellations, imbalances can be made visible and solutions for problems can be found. It is a gentle form of constellation, because it only comes to the surface what the body allows and the soul can cope with.

Soul Release

Soul-Release is a profound and effective method to solve existing blockades and old behavior patterns. By dissolving and freeing old behavior patterns or patterns from the family, the client can more easily use his full potential.  

 Choice Healing and Soul-Caress

A wonderful addition to kinesiology are the 2 methods Choice Healing and Soul Caress. By very gentle touches in combination with different sprays / scents or oils, energy blockades or silting up in the body can be solved and the self-healing powers mobilized.

Just a few sessions changed my life! I was finally confident enough to achieve the professional goal I was longing for! Silke is an amazing and trustworthy person who knows exactly where to find and how to deal with your individual problems. I can definitely recommend her! 

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Anna Scott Manager

My son used to struggle a lot at school, mainly because he was not able to concentrate. Only after seeing Silke a few times, my son's grades did not only improved immensely but he is also excited to go to school every morning - something that never happened before! Silke improved the lives of all our family members and we are so happy we found and chose her!
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